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Newspaper «Russkaya Reklama»

Fact Sheet

Founded in 1993, Russkaya Reklama was the first weekly commercial Russian language newspaper in America. In the last 10 years alone, the newspaper has grown from 100 pages to 420 pages and its readership circulation has quadrupled to 40,000. Russkaya Reklama is a leading newspaper within the Russian community, reaching over 1,000,000 people each week. The paper is continuing to expand and has reached tremendous popularity in the Russian community. In fact, it has many readers among immigrants from other Eastern European countries as well.

The newspaper is consist of 4 sections: A, B, C and D.

Section A is about events in America, world, economical and financial life.
Our permanent columns are Topic of the week, New York: state and city, Community, Medicine, Crime, Art, Sport, Humour, Horoscope, Police blotter, Best New York restaurants etc.
Section B tells about news in medicine. Here you can place an ad in columns Education, Medicine, Dates, Garage sale.
Section C illustrates all events in Russian community. Readers very interested in such columns as Benefits, All about SSI, Advocates mailbox. Also you can place an ad in columns Advocates, Transportation, Job.
Section D is your guide in world of Real Estate. Here places the most popular column Rights of a tenant, and huge assortment of ads about rent or sale of apartments and homes in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Florida etc. Also you can place an ad in columns Real Estate, Business, Construction services.

Most of our readers are educated, affluent and established. We distribute newspapers in the following areas: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and the Tri-State areas of New Jersey and Connecticut. In addition to the New York Metropolitan area, we also have local newspapers published and distributed in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Boston.

95% of the printed newspapers are sold every week.
The price of a single issue is $.25


Our newspaper contains a wide selection of material that attracts a variety of age groups, social groups and people of varying interests. Cooperation with professional journalists in the United States, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Israel and other countries make this newspaper a unique source of information for all of its readers.

Our recent research of demographics showed the following percentage of our readers:
Men 49%
Women 51%
Technical Professionals 17%

Education Ranges:
Ph.D. 9%,
M.A. 36%,
B.A. 55%
High Schools Students 8%

Yearly household income ranges from $30,000 to $100,000 a year

Russian-speaking population in areas of distribution:
New York & New Jersey Tri-State Area 1,100,000 people;
Pennsylvania (North East, Bucks and Montgomery County) 86,000;
California (LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Palo Alto) 480,000;
Illinois 100,000 (Chicago)

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Address: 2705 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, New York 11235
Phone: (718) 769-3000
Fax: (718) 769-4700
Answering service for free noncommercial ads: (718) 934-7733
twenty-four hours a day


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